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Machining centres with an origin and a purpose.

Gosheim in Baden-Württemberg has a reputation across Europe as a milling technology centre. Many leading manufacturers of milled and turned parts are to be found here and in the neighbourhood. And this inspiring environment is exactly where Hermle machining centres – of which many say they are the best in the world – are made. They are certainly outstanding – because they are designed and made by outstanding people! That's why we have no problems about remaining committed to the region!

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Location dedication

Since our company was founded in 1938, we have been consistently producing in Gosheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg (Germany). In Zimmern, only 20 km away from our headquarters, we produce our machine bases as epoxy granite castings. We are ongoinly adjusting our production capacities to the market requirements with all processes being made in Germany.


Experienced experts and young talent combine to form resourceful teams for Hermle with an ideal age mix. We manage this with a combination of long-term service supported by flexitime models and further training as well as our future planning strategy (as is evidenced by our apprenticeship rate of around 11 %). What helps here is that the staffing situation at our main location is excellent and we can build on structures that have evolved over many decades.


Since 1993, the Skiclub Gosheim has had its own biathlon centre. The investments have paid off: The biathletes Simone Hauswald and Kathrin Hitzer have achieved international successes. It seems that Gosheim is simply the right place for peak performance.

Concentrating our manufacturing capacities in Baden-Württemberg forms the basis for seamless processes without interface losses. The advantages in logistical terms are also obvious – everything is already at hand. Others may indulge in "transport tourism"; we prefer to work for sustainability.


Konrad Thien


"Of course, a Hermle machining centre can find its way to any location – in efficient machining and production lines throughout the world! You are welcome to find out how it is designed and made in Baden-Württemberg at our annual in-house exhibition. Or we can arrange a personal tour of the works!"

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