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C 52 U dynamic / MT sets standards in precision


Hermle AG presents the new generation of its proven C 50 U / MT series with the C 52 U / MT. The C stands for Centre, the 50 for the size, the 2 for the next generation, U for Universal (5 axes) and MT for the mill/turn variant.

The C 52 is setting standards, especially in challenging fields such as the aerospace industry (which uses primarily milling and turning in one clamping), tool and mould making (heavy, voluminous workpieces) and machine construction/contract manufacturing (high metal cutting capacity). High precision is emphasised in all machining tasks. The standard version of the C 52 offers a Tp </= 8µ in X/Y/Z, A axis </= 16" and C axis </= 9"; with increased accuracy a Tp </= 5µ in X/Y/Z, A axis </= 10" and C axis </= 6". This assumes that peripheral influences meet requirements.

With a working range X/Y/Z of 1000 x 1100 x 750 mm and a vertical table clearance of 950 mm, workpieces with Ø 1000 mm and a height of 810 mm can be machined in the working area with no restrictions. With the 1310 mm collision circle in the working area, it is possible to produce even larger parts on the C 52 U dynamic with 5 axes. Powerful drives are needed to move the maximum workpiece weight of up to 2000 kg in the working area (C axis and A axis). The A axis of the C 52 is therefore driven by two motors (mechanical tandem drive) while the C axis is designed as a direct drive (torque motor). The swivelling range of +100°/-130° ensures a very high level of freedom for machining. These are the key advantages of the modified gantry design with 3 axes in the tool and 2 axes in the workpiece.

The C 52 provides 60 tools (HSK A 63 /SK40) or 42 tools (HSK A 100/SK 50) in the standard magazine, which has been integrated into the machine bed on the rear. In addition, several variants of additional magazines can increase the total number of tools to as many as 385.

C 52 U MT dynamic machining centre with the NC swivelling rotary table Ø 1000 and TNC 640 control

The MT variant (mill/turn) rounds out the modules of the C 52. Milling and turning in one clamping for parts up to 1310 mm in diameter and twice that with the 5-axis concept is the best way to ensure optimum results for highly complex milling/turning parts.

Hermle consistently focuses on safety in the MT variant. When parts weighing up to 1000 kg are moving at up to 500 rpm, special attention to safety is warranted. Because of this, a reinforced cabin top, integrated balancing system and production cabin are all standard features.


Of course an extensive automation concept is also available for the C 52 with two pallet changers. The PW 2000 as entry model comes with two pallets, while the PW 3000 features an individually configurable number of pallets and arrangement.

C 52 UP dynamic machining centre with pallet changer PW 3000 with 4 pallet pockets, setup station and additional magazine single

C 52 UP dynamic machining centre with pallet changer PW 2000 and additional magazine single

The most important specifications are summarised below:

Traverse path X/Y/Z  1000-1100-750 mm

Rapid linear traverses X/Y/Z 60-60-55 m/min

Linear acceleration X/Y/Z 6 m/s2 

Speeds   9000/10000/12000/   15000/18000 rpm (MT) 12000/18000 rpm

Swivelling rotary table Ø700 / Ø1150 mm

Swivelling range  +100°/-130°

axis drive type  torque

C axis speed   30 rpm

A axis speed   20 rpm

Table load   2000 kg


Swivelling rotary table (MT) Ø1000 mm

Swivelling range  +100°/-130°

C axis drive type  torque

C axis speed   500 rpm

A axis speed   20 rpm

Table load – milling  2000 kg

Table load – turning  1000 kg

Control   iTNC 530/TNC 640     S 840 D sl     

                  (MT) TNC 640 / S 840 D sl

Extensive options for individual and economical usage extend the range of applications for the C 52. For example, different cooling and chip removal systems, exhausters, tool breakage monitoring / measurements, touch probes and precision packages can be adapted.

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